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Rory Hoffman

Rory Hoffman discovered his musical talents at the age of four by creating his own playing style. Because his hands were too small to fit around the neck of the guitar, he laid it across his lap and has played it that way ever since. At the age of five he became Roland Hoffman and the Believers' official drummer. Once his younger brother took up an interest in drums, it was only natural for Rory to move on to a new instrument. Since then his horizons have expanded to where he now commands an arsenal of over fourteen instruments. After attending college for two years and majoring in music, he decided that it was time to pursue his musical aspirations full time. Rory's first step toward this goal was accomplished in 1999 when he won Grand Champion Instrumentalist at the Estes Park Christian Artist Seminar in the Rockies. since that time he has recorded 2 CDs. "Blind Faith" produced in Nashville, is an instrumental CD of well-known Christian hymns arranged in a country/jazz/blues style. "Fishin" contains songs co-written by Rory and was self-produced at Depot Music Productions' recording studio in Mobridge SD.

Rory has been blessed and honored to receive the CCMA award for "musician of the Year" in both 2004 and 2005. In March of 2006 Rory was selected to be part of the Winter Jam 2007 tour, which will expose his music ministry to tens of thousands of people. Rory has learned that with God all things are possible, and he enjoys sharing that with his audiences.