The Gypsy Hombres

The acoustic violin/guitar based trio, The Gypsy Hombres, blend traditional jazz with European, South American, and classical music to create a sound unlike any other musical group. The Hombres' repertoire embraces a wide variety of composers and styles; from Brahms and Chopin to George Gershwin, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong to international folk songs, all while retaining the gypsy spirit. But besides just adding their own arrangements and personalities to standards, they are also accomplished composers with several original songs featured on their various recordings.

Because of its acoustic and aestheticaly refined nature, their style is ideal for background music at private parties and weddings. But the Hombres can also "rock house" with a captivating intensity. Equally at ease with swing, tangos, and waltzes, the Hombres provide plenty of inspiration for dancing, and their free spirit and natural improvisation can win over any audience.

Not just entertaining, their music is ideal for the serious listener, because of their high level of musical ability. In fact, their musicianship is so impressive, the Nashville Chamber Orchestra commissioned their composer in residence, Conni Ellisor, to write a piece incorporating some of the Hombres original songs, melodies and reifs. The result was "Nuage de la Nuit", a twenty-seven minute tribute to the legendary gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, featuring the Gypsy Hombres. The performance was broadcast by National Public Radio.

Peter and The Gypsy Hombres were featured in a recent article in The East Nashvillian.

The East Nashvillian Article

The Gypsy Hombres play and
endorse D'Addario strings.